Affordable websites and training

Whether you need a website built from scratch, a sprucing up of your WIX site, or a qualified educator to help you understand the world of technology, I've got you covered.

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Website Services

Bespoke websites that focus on what matters most

I take a collaborative approach to building websites, to ensure the final product best fits your individual needs.

WIX website building

This is best for people who want to update their site themselves, after its been initially built by yours truly. WIX offers a variety of subscription tiers that allow for features like online shops.

Bespoke website building

This involves building your site from scratch, after which I would provide ongoing maintenance services. With this option, you also have access to free web hosting and super cheap domain name registration, depending on the type of site you desire.

Domain registration

Whether you have a website already, or need a custom domain for one I've built for you, I'm happy to handle the registration.

Web hosting

You'll need somewhere to host your lovely website so people can visit it. I can set you up with either paid or free hosting, depending on the type of site you have.

The Fiddy Dollar Special

If all you need is a single-page information website (like mine), I can set you up with one for a measly $50. And if you want a custom domain to go with it, those can start as low as $2 for the first year.

Tutoring Services

Not tech-savvy? No problem.

I'm a qualified teacher with 20 years' experience in the education industry. I'm patient, empathetic, and haven't found a learner I couldn't help in some shape or form.

Adult students sing laptops.
Handling Passwords.
Wherein you learn not only what makes for a secure password that's easy to remember, but also how to manage multiple passwords with ease.
Avoiding scams.
Wherein I take you through the most common tricks scammers use - to which even the best of us can fall victim.
Using your smartphone.
Wherein we figure out how to unlock the potential of your new device.
Building a website.
Wherein I teach you the fundamentals of creating your very own website.
Using your computer.
Wherein we explore all the weird and wonderful things you can do on your computer to make your life easier.
Choose Your Own Adventure.
Need help with something not in my list? No worries! I'm more than happy to design a personalised learning experience just for you.

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